Financial Distress

Our online operations will cease until further notice. We are currently unable to pay the bills. This is due to a decline in business and preparations around the COVID-19 outbreak.

Current customers will get a full refund, though that timeframe is also undetermined at the moment due to the unprecedented rapidly changing environment. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Check the links below for more information regarding COVID-19



The following link will take you to the Johns Hopkins University's COVID-19 Dashboard.

Useful for keeping track of the numbers.




CDC Twitter:

Public Health Emergencies of International Concern



Services are currently online, but will be shutdown by the end of the month, if not sooner. Our vendors have been amazing in working with us through this downturn. KloudNex will continue to support our clients through any means possible. Given the circumstances and global crisis, we are willing to help anyone to the maximum capacity of whatever we can provide. For Free.

If your business is in dire need of IT related assistance in the transitions facing us all, please reach out to us.

Local business that need web hosting, and a way to continue doing business online. KloudNex will provide you with a free website, e-commerce suite and delivery management system. I’m looking at possible ways to ease integration into existing POS systems, but no promises. Integration with Quickbooks is available however.